Dongguan Anju Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of power supplies and computer peripheral accessories. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "high-quality products, high-quality services, and win-win cooperation", the management policy of "full participation, scientific management, development and innovation", and the quality strategy of "pursuing perfection, striving for perfection, and continuous improvement". Take the road of scientific management and firmly take the road of quality to win. And with the goal of "exceeding customer expectations, respecting peers, and an excellent brand proud of Anju people", we will build the company into a new star enterprise based on "human resources and technology, creating the best products and services"; a full of strong learning Atmosphere, a technology enterprise with continuous innovation motivation; a humanistic enterprise with efficient collaboration and not afraid of challenges. With the unremitting efforts of all employees, the company has continued to grow and develop, and is well received and loved by customers for its excellent quality, reasonable price, and high-quality service. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has undergone two management and strategic upgrades and has developed into a specialized enterprise that has begun to take shape. The company currently has 10 product series, many of which have patents, many of which have passed UL, CE, 3C and other quality system certifications; more than 30 senior skilled professional management and R&D technical personnel; the introduction of advanced large-scale automation equipment ; The market moves from domestic to international, and is exported to Europe and the United States. Good reputation, professional quality, and perfect service are important considerations for you to choose a high-quality partner, and it is also our lifelong goal. Choose us, we will prove to you with actions: Anju ------ your reliable partner in progress! Anju ------ your choice without regrets!
10 year
Power R&D and production experience
10 piece
Product series, with a number of patents
30 piece
Senior skilled professional management and R&D technical personnel
30 station
Large-scale automation equipment